Sailing Time -Down at the End of the Line

Time to get home, so I headed back to my neighbourhood and visited Saturna Island, at the tail end of the Gulf Islands, almost in the Excited States.

Lots of ferries in this area, going to the various islands and to Victoria and Vancouver.  One always gets the feeling they are trying to run you down, mostly because the are traveling at 20 knots compared to my 6.

Saturna is quite an isolated place, sparsely populated.  Many of the people have three eyes, can be a bit disconcerting but they are quite harmless.

In recent years there are freighters parked around the Gulf Islands, apparently they are waiting to get into the port of Vancouver.  Makes things look a bit cluttered.

A vintage yacht, seems to be made entirely of wood, even the masts.  The varnishing job is frightening to contemplate.

Every travelog ends with a sunset…so as the sun sets on my little outing, with Salt Spring Island in the background I turn my head towards home.