HR for Small Business- Doing It Right

Don’t have an HR Department or even an HR Specialist?  Many small businesses manage people by the seat of the pants.

The often unsung hero and major driver of the economy, the entrepreneur is a person possessing intelligence, perseverance and a tolerance for risk.  And one who can juggle multiple management demands.

Human Resources, the “people” side of the business, is not normally the first priority.  Often, there is the belief that it is just “common sense”,  an attitude that can be detrimental to success. But with a little planning and knowledge you can have the best workforce possible while anticipating problems before they happen.

This talk presents helpful tips that can help the small business recruit, select, reward and manage their workforce more effectively.

  • Better Job Descriptions
  • Employment Interviews to Get the Best People
  • Honesty and Substance Abuse Testing
  • Sexual Harassment Policy and Prevention
  • Using Variable Pay
  • Employee Termination the Right Way
  • The Platform Based Workplace

From the Presentation:

The Platform- Mediated Workplace
Dictionary of Occupational Titles – O*Net On line
Employment Screening for Drugs  – Example
Example of Successful Gainsharing in Restaurant Business

About the Speaker: Larry Shetzer has a PhD in Industrial / Organizational psychology and Industrial Engineering from Virgina Tech. He has worked with business small and large as a human resource management consultant for more than twenty years.  He spent eight years with the Behavioural Sciences Group at Bell Canada in Montreal, working primarily in developing employee selection and performance management tools. At Virginia Tech he did a year internship at the Virginia Productivity Center, implementing quality improvement program at a local textile plant. He as taught upper level  HR managers in China during several visits to that country with the United Nations International Trade Commission.

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